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I have an interview in i751 coming in feb 13

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I didnt send a lot of evidence. I sent tax returns, joint lease, car insurance, vision insurance, and three affadavits of friends in april 2012. And after that i had my daughter on 12/12/12. I received an interview letter on Jan without receiving any letter askng for more evidence. Why did i get choose? Plus, is i751 always stoke interview? I just want to be prepared for it.

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Be prepared. Take a copy of your complete application and all original supporting documents. An interview is normal. However, you may want to consider the assistance of an experienced immigration lawyer who can accompany you to the interview. The purpose of the interview is to determine if you are married for immigration purposes. Good luck.


Applicants don't always get a letter asking for evidence. What you sent might be enough for the officer, or they might give you a request for evidence at the interview. During the interview, you can show them other documents that you didn't already submit. Bring the originals of all the documents you already submitted, as well as any extra documents that show proof of your marriage.

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Each Non-jointly filed I-751 is routinely scheduled for an interview.

You will find the list of most of the documentary proof needed needed on your old Form I-485 (the first green card) interview.

Best to have attorney prepare and accompany you to the interview.

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