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I have an interlock device without a camera on my truck. My girlfriend tried to start it early in the morning and failed. Help

Dallas, TX |

I have never had a violation in the time I've had it and have worked really hard to do everything right. Very nervous and not sure how to proceed.

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Are you on bond or probation? It makes a big difference. Either way, the Interlock company is going to notify the Court. The Court will not believe it wasn't you, because they hear excuses like this everyday. The Court will always assume you are the one who violated. I would not let anyone else drive the vehicle as long as you have the device. You may just get "admonished" (a good yelling) about the violation, or you might get switched to a photo device (or put in jail, or any number of other outcomes). If you have an attorney, you need to contact him to look into it. If you don't have one, you need one.

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I agree with Ms. Jaggers. I would add that an affidavit from your girlfriend *might* help establish that you're telling the truth but there's still a good chance that the judge won't believe you. Ms. Jaggers is correct that most of them are jaded. A good attorney in your jurisdiction will know how best to approach your judge.

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