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I have an arrest warrant, if i turn myself in, will i go to jail? Or will I be able to leave the say day?

Silver Spring, MD |

Yesterday I received in the mail a letter from the Montgomery County Police Department stating I have an arrest warrant, and need to contact the detective listed on the letter. I did call him as soon as I got the letter and this morning, left a message, but haven't gotten a call back.
I believe this warrant is due to me missing a payment that is part of my 3 month probation. What my plan was to pay this debt off my August 15th (in 2 weeks from now)..
I don't understand if this is considered a vilolation of probation. And if so, when I go turn myself in today, what can I expect? How long will I be there?
I have a 4 year old daughter I have to pick-up from camp by 5:30pm. Will I be able to get her by that time?

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sounds like a vop you cannot usually be released till you see the judge who has you on probabtion. that could take days. If you have the money perhaps an attorney can make a deal to pay the money in exchange for the warrant being recalled.


Most likely, you have received the warrant because making that payment was part of your sentence and by missing it, you violated an element of your probation. This is no different that violating your probation as a result of doing something else you were not supposed to do. Even though it seems less "criminal" because it is "just" money, the Courts take payment commitments very seriously.

Most likely, you will either have to turn yourself in or avoid being caught. Obviously, the first option is the one that I recommend. Trying to avoid being caught will only prolong the situation and you will, most likely, be caught at the worst possible time.

I agree with the other lawyer who answered in that, since you are dealing with a missed payment, you may be able to take care of it in exchange for getting the warrant "quashed" or lifted. You should contact a qualified criminal defense lawyer who can contact the proper people on your behalf and try to work out the deal. A Motion to get the warrant eliminated may be required and a lawyer can best prepare and present that.

If you would like to discuss how we can help you deal with this, please give me a call at (410) 653-0065 or visit our website at

Good luck.


You will appear before a District Court Commissioner within a few hours and will be granted bail in some amount or personal recognizance based upon your record and the nature of the charges against you. If you self surrender, you will be in a better position to remind the Commissioner that you are not a flight risk, will appear in court when ordered to and otherwise are not a threat to the community. Bring proof of your residence, employment and something to show when and where you have to pick up your daughter.

In the unlikely event that you receive an excessive or unreasonable bail, you will appear before a District Court Judge on the next scheduled Bail Review Docket. If you surrender early in the morning, you should make that afternoons docket. Good luck!