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I have an arrainment with a public defender at 8am this Wed. I am disabled and have an appointment this afternoon with my Dr.

Bradenton, FL |

My neurologist may not allow me to travel because of the trauma surounding my arrest and detention. Will I have a warrent issued if I can't appeartimely?

The original warrent was issued 31 years ago.

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You need to contact your Public Defender and see if he can waive your appearance under the circumstances. If he cant waive your appearance and you cant hire an attorney that will, you are likely to end up being re-arrested on a warrant for failing to appear.


Your Public Defender should be able to waive your appearance. It is your responsibility to contact him/her and provide them with all paperwork necessary to support your claim. Good Luck

Although AVVO answers provide a starting point, nothing replaces the opinion of a qualified DUI defense attorney knowledgable about the Judges and prosecutors near you. You should consult a local lawyer for legal advice.


Contact your attorney ASAP and let them know what is going on. He/she may be able to waive your appearance, particularly if you are dealing with serious health problems. Good luck!!


My good friend Mr. Katz is spot-on in his reply. Get your doctor to sent your PD proof of your medical condition and they should be successful in waiving your appearance or rescheduling your court date so as to permit you to be present.

Good luck!

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If you do not appear for your arraignment a warrant will be issued for your arrest unless there is a written waiver of appearance filed in your case file. I practice in Bradenton and am very familiar with the PD's there. Feel free to give my office a call and maybe I can help you out pro bono.
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