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I have accepted job offer, but have expired Green Card, but have a social security card & CA ID. Can they revoke the offer?

Los Angeles, CA |

Permanent Resident Status
Green Card Expired 08/2013
They asked for my Alien Registration Number and I provided it.
Provided valid Social Security card and California ID

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It's up to the employer. That would be stupid on their part, for a green card is only the proof of one's lawful permanent residency, but not the residency itself. Can be renewed any time, unless in conditional status. Immediately file for renewal on Form I-90 and show filing receipt. If on conditional status in the aftermath of a marriage-based green card, then your I-751 receipt is the proof that your now expired green card has been extended by one year and that employment is authorized.

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Consult an attorney in person. You can file to renew GC if you had a 10 year one. If you had a 2 year one that expired you need to talk to an attorney asap.


They could but why would they? You are a LPR and have two forms of ID that satisfy I-9 requirements. If this is actually happening (as opposed to you worrying about it!) then have an attorney call them.

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