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I have a Workman Compensation Case.

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However, the law firm I retained tried to low ball me to settle the case. When I denial the offered, the law firm withdrew as legal counsel. I found an attorney who handles Workman Comp case, however, once he found out the opposing counsel requested a hearing to pay for the Deposition fees, attorney fees, and cost, he withdrew as legal counsel. I requested continuance myself, and I have a month to find a new attorney. Do you think any attorneys who handles Workman Compensation case would still be interested in my case? There is no lien from previous attorneys, however do you think I could find any attorneys in Avvo? Please informed. Thanks.

Did I screw my case by not accepting the settlement offered in the first place or the attorney who represented me screw my case? I feel the same way, it would not be easy to find a third attorney to represent me if they have the same thinking "Why represented when previous attorneys withdrew as counsel" Am I right? Is there any attorney who would look at it as Malpractice by screwing their clients to leave their clients hanging on their case? Do you think judges would not grant continuance if I requested due to not able to find the so-called third attorney to represent my case?

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You can use the find an attorney feature to try to get someone near you to handle it, however they will certainly want to know why the other attorneys withdrew.

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If you don't keep looking I guarantee you won't fund an attorney. Go to the "Find a Lawyer" tab and keep calling.


It is not easy to find a "Third" lawyer to represent you. His mind set upon first meeting will be, "if two of my colleagues were not able to make him happy, why should I be so lucky?" I think if you search long and hard you should find somebody. Good Luck.

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Avvo has a terrific "find a lawyer" tool to find a top-rated Avvo lawyer

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