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I have a workman comp injury and have completed the 312 exam my new advocate is also a lawyer do I need to hire a lawyer?

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since my advocate is also a lawyer I am wondering if I need to hire a lawyer to assure the most positive and fair outcome of my case, ie: past and future medical bills paid and reimbursement for bills I have paid. paid time for future surgery, fair settlement amount etc

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Who does the advocate work for? A lawyer's interest in a Worker's Compensation case is aligned with yours. They want to maximize your case value because that will increase the amount that they receive in kind. I would call around to discuss your matter with lawyers in your area. Please search

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Who appointed your advocate? Is she knowledgable? Invested in your problem?



I was assigned an advocate by the workman's comp advocate division , The first advocate I was assigned has left her position and I have now been assigned to a new one which IIwas told is also a lawyer, I have not met with her yet but do have a telephone appt with her in one month. I have no idea is she is knowledgeable but do know she is a fairly new graduate.