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I have a warrent in oregon will texas extradite?

Wichita Falls, TX |
Attorney answers 3


It depends upon whether its for a felony or not. One state will only extradite to another if the crime involves a felony.

Speak to a local lawyer to make sure.


It really depends on how bad Oregon wants you. States will usually extradite individuals for felonies. Speak with an attorney in Texas.


While states can extradite for misdemeanors, they usually do not. Most states will only extradite for felonies. It is not up to Texas - if Oregon wants to come pick you up within the time period and they have proven the warrant through the Governor's office, then you will be extradited.

It is best if you handle warrants without being arrested. You should hire a lawyer in Oregon and take care of your case there before you need to worry about extradition.

Cynthia Henley