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I have a warrant out for my arrest for simple battery.I was not at location at time he accused me of doing this what should i do

Canton, GA |

the man next door to me has alzheimers and he says i came into his house and took a ornament and cut him with it. I was not home from the friday before this supposedly happen. I have not gone back home due to fact i live with just my daughter and i dont want anymore issues. I am turning myself in morning. And have secured a bails bondsman...this is so stressful as I have never been in jail before. What steps do i need to take after i get out tomorrow??

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It sounds to me like your case will be a classic swearing battle. Your neighbor will testify under oath that you came into his home and cut him with a Christmas ornament, and you will testify that you did not. As with all criminal cases, the State must prove your guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. If you have any witnesses to corroborate your alibi, you should have a very strong defense.


After you get out, take steps to retain an attorney. The attorney can investigate your case, help you prepare a defense, negotiate with the prosecutor if that is an option you want to consider and, most importantly, present your defense to a judge or jury. Don't try to defend yourself, an attorney has much more experience pointing out the inconsistencies in the other person's story and in presenting albi witnesses who can prove you were not present at the time of the alleged attack.

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