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I have a warrant in one county and have court in another. Will I get arrested at court? Its a misdemeanor warrant.

Valparaiso, IN |

I just need to know if county criminal court runs your name for misdemeanor warrants in other counties when you come in for a preliminary hearing.

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Traditionally courts do not run individuals coming to court for out-of-county warrants; however, there are other ways in which the other county can discover the outstanding warrant. These include law enforcement agencies notifying each other, prosecutors offices exchanging information, etc. As such, while the chances of the court running a warrant check are low, you need to be prepared for the possibility of the court discovering the warrant. It is always safest to promptly address the new warrant with the assistance of a lawyer.

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Some do and some don't it just depends. If you are free now and have a warrant, you should go and take care of it or hire a lawyer to help you take care of it.

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