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I have a warrant for failure to comply on traffic ticket fines and I wanted to know if I can get an attorney to recall this?

Rocky Mount, NC |

I wanted to know if they can get it handled to where the warrant is done away with and I can have a reasonable set up where I can pay the fines off or they can keep the license forever.

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Yes. A lawyer in the county where you received the ticket can likely get the warrant for arrest recalled and get you a new court date by which you must pay the fines. The problem is, if you can't afford to pay the fines, should you really be using what little you have to pay a lawyer? There may be good reason to get a lawyer, however, because you may end up on supervised probation without one, and there may be good reasons that you do not want that intrusion, including searches of your home, work notification, drug testing, and a temporary restrain on your right to have firearms.


Do you have a Failure to Comply or a Failure to Appear?

If you have a Failure to Appear then an attorney can assist you in getting any outstanding orders for arrest recalled and getting your case in front of a judge for resolution.

If in fact you ONLY have a Failure to Comply then your case has already been heard in court and all that is remaining is for you to pay the fines and fees levied by the judge. Depending on your county's policies you may be able to pay those off through several small payments (partial payments) or you may have to save up the money and pay it all at the same time.

DMV will keep your license in a state of suspension for as long as you have unpaid fines or a failure to appear that has not been addressed on your driving record.

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If you used the term correctly, then the case is over, and you simply owe money. In that case you do not need to hire an attorney, but save your money and pay the fines and costs. Typically you will spend more money on the attorney than simply complying with the payment that is due. On the other hand, if you meant to say that you had failed to appear, then yes you should hire an attorney.

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