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I have a warrant for domestic violence (misdemeanor) what happens if i go to court to turn myself in? Will I be arrested?

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If you have an active warrant you may be arrested. However, you can minimize that possibility by hiring an attorney. An attorney can attempt to have the warrant recalled before you physically appear in the courtroom. If it is a domestice violence charge, you may have to personally appear regardless. Whether you are taken into custody will depend to some degree on the reason for the warrant.


Don't go to Court to turn yourself in. Since your case will not be on calendar you will only confuse the bailiffs and anger the judge. Get a lawyer and have him put your case on calendar and then go with him. It is possible you can avoid custody but if there was bodily injury you may have to post a bond.


Though many criminal charges will permt an attorney to appear for you, domestic violence charges are excluded. If you can afford an attorney , retain one. The attorney can generally have your case on calendar faster than can you. That is important as the warrant remans outstanding [you could be arrested] until either you appear and the court recalls the warrant, you are arrested, you post bond. An option would be to see a bondsman, post bond and have a court appeaarance set in that manner.

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