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I have a warrant, can I fly from Minnesota to Vegas?

Eden Prairie, MN |

I forgot to show up for court. I now have a warrant for my arrest. I have NO money for the bail. I was given tickets to fly to Vegas for my birthday and I BARELY have the 15 dollars to check my bag. Once I get to Vegas I will have the money to give for the warrant to re issue a court date. This is NOT a felony warrant.

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Whether a warrant will surface during your in-country flight depends on factors you cannot control. It depends on whether in this age of heightened security someone does check for wants/warrants. Unfortunately, there is no way to tell whether this will occur or not, until you are already in the place where it could occur. Good luck.

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Though an arrest warrant can be sent to other states, this not done unless local authorities take action. So, if someone checks you for warrants in Minnesota, the chances of arrest are high. In another state, that might not be the case, especially before much time goes by.

You may already know that if you have a warrant with a cash amount alternative stated, you can pay the money to get a court date and so avoid arrest and possibly a few to several days in jail.


If you hire counsel, often your attorney may discuss the matter with the prosecutor and reach an agreement to stay the warrant pending a newly scheduled court appearance. If you do not take care of the warrant, you may be stopped for any reason and held in jail on the warrant, even in another state, pending extradition.

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