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I have a wage garnishment currently that has been filed by court, how can I find out from who?

Elizabeth, NJ |

The wage garnishment does not match any debt from my credit report, is there a way to find out more about this, or stop it?

What's the best way to repair my credit?

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A wage garnishment will have come from a local court, so check the court records in your community. Most courts allow you to access their records and to search by your name.

In addition, your employer should have provided you with a copy of the wage garnishment which will have the court caption.

Hope this perspective helps!


You can search the court database using your docket number. Most likely this is a DC case filed in Special Civil. If you don't have the docket number, you can do a search using your name.

There are a few ways to help you here. if you have not been properly served with the Summons and Complaint, an attorney may be able to re-open the case and either get it dismissed or settled on favorable terms.

Another way would be to settle the case directly to avoid garnishments.

A third option would be to file bankruptcy and have all your debts discharged including this garnishment.

I am very familiar with Union County courts as my former office was in Elizabeth. If you would like a free consultation regarding these issues, do not hesitate to give me a call at 551-427-4428

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Mr. Raevski gives some good advice. I would add that while bankruptcy is an option, if this is the only debt, it is more than likely not worth it. If you are interested in exploring the bankruptcyoption, please call for a free consult.

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