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I have a video of a person attacking me and ordering their dog to attack me. public road. Is there any way video can be excluded

Avon Park, FL |

I was on the street in front of their house. I was not threatening and I did have a reason to be there (and power of attorney over a co-owner of the house). Is there any way the video can be excluded from evidence? He knew I was recording and even references the camera before attacking me. it was night time so the video is dark however it is obviously him and time/date/gps stamped. Does the right to film in public trump anything his attorneys may try and use to make the video inadmissible?

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There are rules of evidence that govern authenticating the video and getting it into evidence. You should have an attorney. The rules of evidence can be found in Chapters 90 and 92 of Florida statutes.

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The admissibility of the video depends on a lot of things, so we can't say without more info. However, if it is relevant and authentic and not misleading, it will probably be admissible. If you are a party in a lawsuit, you should hire a lawyer.


Let the prosecutor worry about this. hire a personal injury lawyer, but the attack was intentional so there will be no insurance coverage available as intentional acts are excluded.



There is no prosecutor, sadly he is a millionaire in a small town so the police nor DA's office have been unwilling to go after him. I know insurance will not cover it and I am actually a little glad about that. Insurance should not cover intentional acts.... Also I am aware I should have a PIA helping but I have been unable to find one.

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