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I have a two week vacation planned for my children and my parents. My ex is denying this time. Parenting consultant is also...

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My mom is sick and very depressed and I plan to take my parents & my children on a vacation. I want to do this for her and I want to provide a vacation to my children. My ex asked the consultant to deny it due to the fact that it is two consecutive weeks and it falls on his two days (the rest of the time is mine). The consultant didn't get her info straight and made a decision without it. The 1st week of this vacation, we will make repairs to a home preparing for leasers, the 2nd week, my parents arrive when we will go to the vacation home. The consultant has ordered 1 week only with a return before my parents even arrive! 4 days may be spent driving alone total! Ex misses 2 days already in the week awarded & won't see them if I am here or there! What happens if I stay the 2 weeks?

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If you violate your custody order by staying two weeks you could face a contempt petition. You should consult a local attorney to discuss the consequences of a contempt petition and evaluate whether it's worth it to make the trip regardless.


You must follow the provisions of your court order unless or until it is modified by a subsequent court order. You may file a Motion to modify the parenting schedule and challenge the consultant's decision.

If you violate the court order, you may be found in contempt and a persistent willful denial of parenting time can reven result in a change of custody.

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There will be no missed parenting time by him at all. Therefore, I would be denying him of nothing.

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