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I have a theft 50-500 thats on my record and need to get it off

Cleburne, TX |

I have a theft charge 50-500 on my record that I thought was all taking care of yearsago back in 2007. We and my wife are trying to adopt a baby amd it required a backround check. We went to our local dept and I was told I had a refusal to community service on this report. I wasnt able to finish the community service at that time but paid another fine. But im being told theres no record of that and that this will remain on my record. How can I resolve this issue. I work out of state and gone more than half the year from home where I work please help me with this issue.

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I am not sure what the final disposition of your charge was. If you were convicted of theft $50-$499 (Class B misdemeanor), it cannot be expunged, but may be eligible for order of non-disclosure. Speak with a local criminal defense attorney about your specific facts and case. Try the FIND A LAWYER tab above. Many will speak with you for free. Good Luck.

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It depends on the disposition of the case. You need to schedule a free consultation with an attorney who practices in the county where the case was filed. They can look into the disposition and advise you from there.

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Call a local attorney to fight this. This type of offense will be on there unless subject to a non-disclosure. I don't believe it is expungeable in your state. This is going to be an issue in the future without a good lawyer. Especially with an adoption.