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I have a suspended license, I got a job offer that requires a drivers license. Can I get a "restricted license" to get to work?

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Basically it was suspended in California, I moved to Texas. I got offered a job as a "porter" for a car dealership. Basically the guy who takes your car and makes sure all the work gets done on it but they require a valid DL. Is there such thing as a "restricted license" that would allow me to drive to and from work?

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Yes Texas has a restricted license we refer to as an occupational license (ODL). What you say suggests that you are eligible for an ODL, but you need to find a lawyer that handles many ODL license applications and provide them with a copy of your California driving record. Notice though, the ODL is not a commercial (CDL) license, so if that is required you have a problem. However, the driving that you describe probably doesn't need a CDL, although the employer may require it. If so, you are out of luck,



Thank you. I do understand that a CDL is not permitted but the work only requires me to drive customer vehicles. Is it possible to get a lawyer for free? I don't have the capital at the moment to pay a lawyer. Also would it matter if I got the suspension in California but apply in Texas will that affect anything, like not being able to get the ODL?


Mr. Beaty is right. Contact an attorney (Mr. Beaty handles a good number of these) that can help you get an ODL.

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As Mr. Beatty explained, you should be eligible for an Occupational Driver's Licence in Texas. These are valid up to 12 hours a day. This is usually more time than most of my clients need, but if your job involves driving you may be cutting it close. You can discuss this in more detail with the attorney you hire to handle your ODL. Before you go through this process, I recommend you confirm with Texas DPS that you have a license suspension here and find out what that suspension period is. The number to the drivers license division at DPS is 512-424-2600. Plan to be on hold for awhile!

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