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I have a suspended license , mi just trying to find a way to shorten the suspension

Hatfield, PA |

my license was suspended in 8th grade and 10th grade due to missing school and i never went to get the suspensions started with Penn dot and i was pulled over driving my girlfriends car . i ended up getting a driving while my license is suspended citation . . i work i have a great job but its making it difficult to get to and from work . . id like to know what i can do , i haven't had my license so the " bread & butter license " isn't an option .

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I agree with my colleague, do not plead guilty. Retain a local attorney who is experienced in such cases and license restoration.


Do not plead guilty to your latest citation. Retain an attorney who specializes in license restoration and they will explore all viable options to have your privileges restored. Good luck.


I agree wholeheartedly with the recommendations to hire an attorney. I mainly write to question the history of license suspension due to missing school. I'm not familiar with any license consequence that flows from missing school.