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I have a student loan $20052.08 I am 100% disabled on social security disability only income. Can they garnish my wages.

Saint Petersburg, FL |

SSDI is my only source of income and I pay monthly rent, cable, cell phone, light, medications. Can they garnish this check for payment

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First, you asked about garnishing your "wages." If you are working, and earning a certain level of wages, you may be ineligible for SSI payments. If that is the case and you do not report it to the Social Security Administration, you could find yourself owing money for any such "overpayment." And those can be garnished. But, in the event you did not mean "earned wages" at a job, I will provide the following general information about garnishment of Social Security benefits.

Generally speaking, Social Security benefits are exempt from levy, attachment, garnishment, or other legal process. However, exemptions have been created for child support and unpaid federal taxes. The rights of the benefit recipient may vary depending upon the nature of the benefits received: Social Security retirement, Social Security Disability (SSD), and Supplemental Security Income (SSI). Best of luck!