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I have a single pregnant relative, and the biological father is harassing us. How do we get the biological rights revoked?

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He is harassing the pregnant mother and grandmother with emails and phone calls, although civil, it's continuous We have contacted his Parole Officer, and nothing. Although the pregnant mother lied about a miscarriage for the safety of her and the child, he found out and is unhappy and wants to be in the child's life. He is unstable and unfit for a child to raise, he once tried to commit suicide. The child need to be born and raised in a SAFE environment and with close family members to help out. He is going to make a tough fight. But we were wondering if his biological rights can be revoked due to safety? And would like accurate info for the single pregnant mother and the biological father.

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First of all, there is no child so parental rights are not yet relevant. Next, the putative father will have rights when the child is born. The mother should hire counsel immediately so that everything will be ready to go when the child is born.

NOTE: No private person can seek or be granted termination of parental rights. Only your state's child protective agency or the DA can ask. If there is an adoption, parental rights can be terminated if there is sufficient proof of abiuse or neglect, or if the biological father agrees. Be prepared to have this man in the child's live for a long time if he files the necessary papers.



Being only 11 weeks pregnant and having no contact with the father of my child, he keeps making threats to me. He also messages my new boyfriend and other friends i have to ask questions about me. He contacts my MOther and will not leave any of us alone. He claims he can take me to court to stop me from moving out of the State, is this true? He also says he will get cusidity of the chld after its born, can he do this?

Judy A. Goldstein

Judy A. Goldstein


The question started out as from a relative and now you ask as the mother. What's with that? If he takes you to court, he must first provie he is this father. You cannot prevent him from asserting this. His chances of getting custody are not good, and he will be responsible for child support, medical costs and other expenses. His texts can be blocked by your friends. Your mother does not need to speak to him and can file a police report for phone harassment if he continues.



My Sister asked the first and signed up but she let me use her site to ask the last question...I am so stressed out by this guy...My friends say they block him but he seems to beable to find out things somehow...


Before rights can be terminated, they need to be established. Your relative should consult with a family law attorney who can help establish the paternity of the father and also help secure an enforceable support order.

There is very little likelihood that this person would obtain custody, given his criminal and psychological background. However, simply because the person makes your relative uncomfortable, you may not be able to prevent parent/child contact. If the father's parental rights and responsibilities are terminated, your relative will probably lose the ability to gain support from the father.

I suggest that your relative speak with an attorney before the child is born.

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