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I have a second offence DUI warrant out in Arizona and I moved to South Carolina, Will they extradite me?

Columbia, SC |

The warrant is about a year old. I want to try to settle all of this in South Carolina, but I am wondering if they will extradite me? Also, what will the penalties be?

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I am sure that your drivers license is suspended. You will be arrested in South Carolina for driving while under suspension and you will be held until Arizona decides if they want to come and get you or not. Then you will have to also deal with the South Carolina charges. Contact an attorney in AZ and get it straightened out.



I have not driven since I got the last DUI. I am planning on turning myself in, but I just want an idea of how long I will be held and if I will be extradited. Thank you for your quick reply.


It all depends on the prosecutor and the circumstances surrounding the DUI. You need to contact local counsel in AZ to try and take care of it for you.

BA, Arnold & Wadsworth


you could be extradited if you are stopped for any will definitely be held until AZ decides if they are going to extradite you....not likely to be able to "settle" this without a court appearance....I suggest you contact an attorney in AZ in the area where the warrant is and hire them to help you...chances are that your driving privileges are suspended because of the failing to appear in Court....good luck

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