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I have a restraining order issued against me and the accusations against me are all false, will a public defender help me?

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I wasn't able to make the hearing because I live in California and I couldn't get the money in time for travel and hire an attorney. I want to appeal this because the accusations against me are fraud. These people emailed me 3 days the week prior to me calling them and cussing them out. Those 3 days they was insulting me and making threats to me, yet they succeeded in stating that I'm a stalker! I can't afford a high price attorney, would a public defender help?

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The Public Defender only handles criminal cases. They do not handle civil restraining order cases. You would need to get a private attorney to assist you on the private restraining order case. Also, beware that there is a short time period for appealing a restraining order. Also, additionally understand that the appellate court, the district court will simply review the county court judge's decision in order to determine if there was an "abuse of discretion" in granting the restraining order. Good luck.

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This is a civil issue, Public Defenders handle only criminal cases. You may be able to get a Legal Aid lawyer because they charge a sliding scale. You would need to file a motion to vacate the judgment and present "good cause" why you did not appear at the hearing if you had adequate notice.

This answer does not create an attorney-client relationship. It is advisable to consult with an attorney with full disclosure of relevant facts for a comprehensive leagl opinion.

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