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I have a residenship only, could a DUI end up in deportation?

Los Angeles, CA |

I was stoped by highway patrol and blew a .08, the only other misdemeanor i've aquired was for a fireworks possesion which consisted of only one string of fire crakers.

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A single DUI will not result in deportation (assuming no one was seriously injured or killed and your question indicates that it is not the case). Multiple DUIs raise a red flag for immigration because it may be an indicator of alcoholism which is reason to exclude you from the US (despite our millions of alcoholics I suppose we don't want any more).


It should not, but ALWAYS consult with an immigration attorney just to make sure.


A DUI alone will typically not lead to deportation. You should consult with an attorney on your DUI case as it is a low BAC.
Robert Driessen


If the DUI offense did not result in death or injury, a conviction will not result in deportation. However, a DUI conviction may prevent you from becoming a naturalized U.S. citizen.