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I have a question related to removing thrown away items/garbage at metal waste disposal containers behind a store..I found and

Poughkeepsie, NY |

kept an item(s) that a store may have thrown out due to whatever reasons..Either returns and or overstocks..They were thrown away into the "waste disposal containers" which is/are usually in back of stores. Is "picking" of things, items that HAVE ALREADY BEEN THROWN into the metal waste containers a crime at all? I'm sure that it cannot be considered "thievery" or stealing as it was already considered the stores waste. If, surprisingly this would or can be considered some or "any kind of crime" what would it be? A misdemeanor at most I assume.. ?? Or if I have/get the store managers "permission" to avoid any issues? And by the way , it is not garbage that I am removing. It is usable item that was either return, or overstock that was decent to very good condition.

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Your picking through the store's garbage bins could be considered trespassing and theft. You run the risk of arrest if you continue this activity.

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