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I have a question regarding social security and Medicare tax refund and need help.

San Diego, CA |

My previous employer withheld social security and Medicare taxes in error while I was on F1 visa. He consequently refused to refund the amount. I had to then claim for refund from the IRS which is delaying the process indefinitely citing various reasons like insufficient documentation, documenation not received, incompletely filled documentation, etc. Most of the time the reason is not clear and it takes good endurance to get information contacting them over phone.
In view of the fact that the upcoming tax season will make them busier and hence delay my case further, I wish to seek professional help to ensure I send the right documentation and help resolve the issue fast.
I wish to know who would be the right person to approach and what options I have. I am also open to premium services.

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It would be a good idea to find a tax attorney in your area to assist you with this process.

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I would recommend a tax attorney.

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