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I have a question in reference to Stalking, harassment and intimidation.

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I moved into a new neighborhood, I have been living there for about 8 months now. I am having problems with a neighbor across the street from me harassing my children, myself and guest. It has gotten to the point where I filed a retraining order, because she is bothering my children at the bus stop and at their school. I don't know this woman, and have never did anything to her. She has called my landlord and stated to him that I was a prosititute, lying telling him that people are at my home everyday, yet I work a 40 hr a week job. She even stops people who are coming to my home to do work and make statements about me. yet she doesn't know me at all. Could I also file a suit for Defamation of Character? I need answers.

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Getting the restraining order was a good first step. Next step: consult with an attorney experienced in defamation actions and have a Cease and Desist letter sent. Then monitor the effect. If successful, great; if not, discuss the next option with the defamation attorney. Depending on the manner or way that she is bothering or harassing your children, and particularly if they are of tender ages, you might want to consult the police as to your further options to file complaint , especially if there is an issue as to their safety.


Have your children added to the restraining order so she can't bother them, and call the police if violated.


Have an attorney send a Cease and Desist letter to start with. If that doesn't work get a restraining order and call the police.

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You have a claim for what is called slander per se. Under Georgia law, slander (spoken word defamation), requires the proof of special damages (actual loss of money as a result of the defamatory statement) except in instances where "special damages can be presumed." Special damages are presumed in slander per se cases because of the nature of the statement. Any imputation of unchastity to a woman (calling you a prostitute), any wrongful imputation of the commission of a crime to a person (saying that you are a prostitute), and the interference with the business relationships of a person are all considered slander per se and do not require proof of loss to maintain an action.

I would hire a defamation lawyer in your area.

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