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I have a question for alimony in Texas.

Mesquite, TX |

I was married twenty one years and divorced in 2002. In my divorce degree, my ex-husband was ordered by the court to pay me three years of alimony for $730 dollars a month; Which he did not pay. My question is how can I get him to pay the money he owes? He's a retired military and he works as a parole officer for the city of Denton TX.
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You were probably awarded spousal support, as there is no such thing as alimony in Texas.

You will want to hire an attorney, as the only way to get him to pay is to ask nicely, or sue him. The attorney will probably file a motion to enforce the order, reduce it to judgment and then go after his bank accounts with the judgment.

Good luck.


I agree with Mr. Tisdale. To add to his answer: Texas courts will usually award attorney's fees to the movant of a motion to enforce. However, it is NOT easy to collect on a judgment against an individual in Texas. Most individuals are "judgment-proof" in Texas.

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