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I have a question about workplace harassment.

Durand, WI |

An employee has been harassing me at work. This person goes out of their way to be near me and to make grunting and animal noises.Most recently, this person is now accusing me of threatening them, which is not true. Management will do nothing. I have documentation of every time I reported these incidences.

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There are various kinds of harassment. You did not mention if the employee and you are different sexes. Would the grunting and animal noises perhaps fall into the category of "sexual harassment." If this person is creating a hostile work environment, you may have rights under both state law and federal law. It is a good thing that you are documenting these events (Be sure you actually report these events verbally AND in writing to your supervisors and make sure your reports are dated).

Are you a member of a labor union? If you are governed by a collective bargaining agreement or any other kind of employment contract, the agreement may provide you a remedy too.

I'd be happy to help. Feel free to contact us.


You could contact a lawyer in Durand. Meanwhile, read up on harassment on the EEOC website so that you would have a clearer understanding of your rights and the law. Here's the link:

You might find my Legal Guide helpful "What Do I Tell My Lawyer?"

Good luck to you.

God bless.

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