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I have a question, on how to lift an injunction on someone?

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I had an injuction put on my fiance over a year ago, he has been changing his life around and i was considering lifting the injunction. I was told all I would have to do is go to the court house and sign a paper, or would I have to go through a court proceedure for it to get lifted? I was just wondering how that would work, if you could let me know that be great, thanks for your time.

, I don't know if you would know, because I know your not the judge, but it probably wouldn't get lifted while he is serving time in prison. He mom had asked me to lift it so he could go into a work camp there. Plus he hasn't done much yet in there that looks like hes changing meaning meetings,councling, etc. If you could tell me anything about if that would keeping it from getting dropped or not please let me know thanks so much!

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If your want to lift the injunction, you have to file a Motion to Dismiss the injunctions and set it for hearing in front of the court that issued the injunction. You will have to attend the hearing and explain to the judge the reasons you are no longer in fear of the Respondent and why you want the injunction dropped. Most judges will allow this request. I suggest you consult a local Family Law attorney to discuss the specifics of your case in further detail and learn all of your rights and options. Good luck.


The domestic violence department should help you with the motion and setting the hearing.

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