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I have a property that has back taxes due if it sold for back taxes .How will it effect my credit?

Corona, CA |

I want the property out of my name if my credit will be effected.

Me and my sister name is on the property ,she took over the house not paying rent as we agree on so now she filed bankrupt and has the house tied up in the court with a 3 to 5 year payment plan for the back taxes. I want to sale the house what can I do? The house is paid for I need Help!!!!

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Unpaid property taxes can result in many issues that will negatively impact your personal credit rating for many years (e.g., potentially 10 years, or more), including tax liens and tax sales. I would recommend finding a California tax or real estate attorney to help you address your back tax issue as soon as possible to avoid these issues. Best of luck!

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It is likely that if the property is sold with the tax debt unsatisfied that the three major credit agencies will view that as a blemish on your credit.

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