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I have a problem with a medication I have been and have gotten addicted to due to doctor negligence can you help me. Please.

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Lost my meds one day didn't care I was due for a refill in a couple of days but waiting for refill date I started getting sick with withdrawal symptoms went back and told the doctor and all he did was say wow there hassle been a lot of tramadol coming out of this office cut my meds in half and sent me to physical therepy and told me after that maybe I can get into pain management but my situation now is the addiction every time I bring it up they start getting off the subject I think something happened at that office to because from one day to the next the whole staff was new why can't they help me with this problem when it was their negligence that created it.

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Unless you are unable to shake the "addiction" there probably would not be sufficient enough value to justify bringing a claim even if there was malpractice.

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You need to enter a rehab facility to deal with your addiction. There are many ways to deal with chronic pain. Medication should be a last resort. Doctors and the DEA are very suspicious of patients who lose their meds. Once you are recovered from your addiction, your mind will be much clearer and you will be able to move up from there. Good luck to you.


You should receive immediate medical care for your symptoms and addiction. You should contact a local rehabilitation facility to deal with your withdrawal and addiction. Good luck.


Best bet is to get checked into rehab, and go from there.

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