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I have a possession of marijuana less than an ounce ticket.while i was under summary probation for driving w a suspended licence

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Im not a us citizen iwas arrested in 08 for a dui,fees and classes were completed.then in jan 2012 i got a driving w a suspended licence ticket(even though i never had a DL)..i was placed on summary probation again after completing the i got a possessuon of marijuana less than an oz..this is my first drug related i facing jail time or even deportation..

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Technically speaking you are facing time if your probation is violated. Check your probation order as you may have been told to report any law violations to the court, including citations.

The marijuana charge itself does not carry time, only a fine.

You should consult an attorney to assist you with all immigration related matters.

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Generally, marijuana for personal use and under 30 ounces is non-deportable. Your driving with a suspended license ticket is a bit trickier. I'm not sure if you were cited for driving with a suspended license (despite you saying that you were) or if you were actually cited for CVC 12500 which is driving without a valid license. A lot of this is going to depend on what kind of visa you're on, whether or not you have a green card, etc. I recommend to contact an attorney and provide a bit more of a detailed scenario.


Needs more facts. If you did not have a valid prescription then of course you could have a new charge and possibly a violation of probation. Considering the number of cases you have picked up, while a small amount of marijuana is not the crime of the century the answer us yes, there could be charges which in theory could be worth jail time. Although your chances are remote. Treat it seriously.

Brian Michaels

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