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I have a petty theft conviction in 2007. now im applying for medical licensure in state of ohio. will having this on my record

Columbus, OH |

will this affect me getting the license and if so what do i need to do in order to have it explunge. or will that do me any good at all ?

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It is always a good idea to get a charge like that expunged, if possible. Look here for more info:

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Any type of conviction of a crime can impact your ability to receive a license depending on the requirements of the governing body. If you have not been convicted of any further crimes, and your punishment has been over, you are most likely eligible for an expungement. This would remove the conviction from your record, though you may have to still disclose it depending on the governing body's requirements.

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It will show up on your record and it may have an impact on your license application. To have the record properly expunged, first contact an attorney or the link below to see if you are eligible. Expungements are a process and not immediate so if this is an option for you, do it sooner rather than later.

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