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I have a permanet bar from inmigration i've live in usa for 11 years my son is serios sick can I apply for recidence?

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my husband is resident permanet also suffer from genetic illnes he does not work I do not have criminal record, I'm the only who support my kids can i try to stop deportation under the law of 10 years

I never have seen a inmigration judge, I left the country voluntary and then re-enter. Some lawyer told me the permanet bar is cause the law 219A9(c) I entered the firs time with out visa on 1996 then left in 1998 and re-enter on 2000, Now because my husband conditon and son I'm the only one that support my home and I live with extremely fear to be caugh by inmigration and under removal procedings. My husband and son will need treatment for life, also we have another boy that has not been diagnosed. The illnes is very serious. please help me. My kids are 15 and 10 we live in texas

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We need more facts. If you are subject to a permanent bar under 212a9C, then if you were in removal proceedings, you could seek Cancellation of Removal for Non LPRs. Please coordinate a consultation with an experienced immigration lawyer.

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Did you enter the U.S. with a visa, or not?
Where are you now?
How old are your children.

Please contact me for a consultation.


If you under the permanent bar, you must remain outside the U.S. for ten years before you can apply for a waiver.

Better doublecheck whether you are really under the permanent bar. Consult an immigration attorney.

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