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I have a pending i-485. Can i enroll in a medical school in the meantime that my green card gets approved?

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After studying for several months, i was able to get an acceptance offer from a medical school. Can i enroll in the program while my i485 is pending?
I do not want to miss this opportunity. What should I do?

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Enroll! You don't want to miss that opportunity, that once time in a lifetime opportunity, I might add..

Is your I-485 marriage or employment based? I hope the former. If employment based, then be very careful to comply with the terms of your job and be sure to comply with the terms of your employment, at the very least until a few weeks after finally obtaining your green card. Perhaps you could defer your enrollment by one semester or study at night for the 1st semester ?

If marriage based I-485, you have nothing to worry about, enroll immediately and unconditionally!

Best of luck to you!

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You should be able to enroll.


You should talk to BOTH the admissions office and the foreign student office to see if they will accept a 'pending' I-485 for residence/tuition purposes.

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