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I have a pay day loan and have served papers and answered there paper work however they keep calling my job what should I do ??

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I have advised them the loan company if I get a call again at work I can get into trouble.. I have sent them in writing and certified mail. They still have keep calling and may lose my job I have fallen be hind in bills and can't pay at this time. I have tried to make some kind of effort to pay them and I am not able to file for bankrupt at this time since I have done it before ... about 5 years ago ... thank you for your time .....

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They don't have to stop calling unless you have retained an attorney or filed bankruptcy. Once you have advised them you hired counsel, they have to call your counsel. Once you have filed a bankruptcy petition, the automatic stay requires them to cease all collection activity.

You might be able to fix your problems with a Chapter 7 or 13 bankruptcy. Feel free to call us for a free consultation.


The original creditor can keep calling you.

A third party, though, is bound by the FDCPA, and cannot make contact in a way that you have requested not occur, and can must deal with your attorney on request (but suit may still be filed, and notices required by law can be sent).

Note that even though a person who filed Chapter 7 five years ago cannot file Chapter 7, there is only a four year waiting period for Chapter 13.


I strongly differ with the advice of the two respectable attorneys here. You don't need to hire any attorney to stop these collection calls. Simple, write your name, address and account number on a sheet of papers, type if you can. Let them know you are requesting to stop all phone calls at the deisgnated numbers. Also, tell them that they are calling your employers. Tell them these are violations of FDCPA, and from onward, they should stop calling by phone and only contact you via written letter. Keep a copy of this letter for your record. If still they call, contact our office at (702) 270-9100 and speak directly to attorney Malik Ahmad or simply get more information at his websites at and

Only see a licensed attorney before you make any decision. This answer may not be perfect in any given situation. However, more fact may be required by your local attorney. If you are in Las Vegas, you are welcome to send your questions regarding Chapter 7, or 13 to Attorney Malik Ahmad at or or by calling (702) 270-9100. In many cases, we do not charge initial consultation fee.