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I have a parking ticket EMMC 1016020 after an administrative review I asked for hearing in person but they denied

Arcadia, CA |

I have a parking ticket EMMC 1016020 after I dispute for administrative review and they send response to the wrong old adress with delay I did not have time to ask for a hearing in person whitin 10 days. I try to explain them but they still denied. my question is what are my rigths? because I went to a superior court in small claims to file for an appeal the clerk say I can not because I need a letter of decision from them. I wan to know If that is true or is there is any law that said that or is there any law like the constitution or any law in california that can protect me to go an file for an appeal. what I can do about this who I need to talked. please If attoneys experts in parking tickets or goverment laws can give a great advice ? t

I remember beore I spoke to someone that said If I paid they will send a hearing in person or send me a court day but last time I spoke to them even his supervisor they want me to pay or they treat me to report me to the DMV. is unfair because I did not have enougth time to response beacuse they send to wrong addres. I want to know what are my rigths as AC what defense I can put in order to file for an appeal whitout having a letter of decision from them what laws protect me to file an appeal in small claims so I can wite or talked to someone in court please If attorneys experts in parking tickes , US constitution ,california laws ,goverment, civil ect.., can give me an advice what to do. i would really apreciated thank you.

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EMMC is El Monte Municipal Code, I trust. I would direct your question to an attorney who is familiar with the El Monte Municipal Code. There may be strict deadlines that cannot be waived, especially in your case if maintaining an accurate address on file is your duty.


There are time limits for requesting a review. Was your address current with DMV?


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