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I have a parking ticket EMMC 10.16.020 after i still have upheld the ticket Can I cited them to go to court

El Monte, CA |

I have a parking ticket for street sweeping no parking hours EMMC 10.16.020
I send a letter for initial review they answer back with a letter saying it still upheld and giving within 10 days to ask for hearing in person the unfair thing here is that they send it to the old wrong address then a few days later passed on the 15 of November it got transfer in my currently mail PO Box address in Pasadena.
I call Parking enforcement to explain my problem but they want me to pay the fine and for me to make a letter explaining my situation and up to them to answer my letter.
my question is Can I go to court by subpoena them to solve this in front of a judge?
please if lawyers experts in P.T can give me and advice what to do?

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You need to follow their directions otherwise you will forfeit the right to dispute the ticket.


Parking tickets have to be dealt with according to instructions.



I'm unable to determine your question but it's always a good idea to hire legal counsel to contest any tickets.

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I would submit the requested letter explaining the change of address and any facts relevant to the initial citation. Tell them in the letter what you want to happen-- e.g., dismiss the citation, extend any deadline that may have already passed due to delay of mail delivery, reduce the fine, cancel late fees, etc. If their response to your letter is unsatisfactory, you may have right to appeal in court. You may not go to judge before exhausting the administrative remedy. Consulting with attorney. in your area may be a good idea.