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I have a notification from social security that they received info from IRS stating I am self employed,when I am not.

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I received approximately 9 k in reimbursement as a settlement offer which was a personal injury . The company knew I sued for personal injury - they reported it as 1099 and since I want no problem with the IRS , social security thinks I am self employed I don't want to give them much because it is not their area - I have a child with a disability who needs the soc sec How do I explain it to them - without getting into details I am OK with them deducting overpayment

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This question is too specific and there are too many details missing here that do not allow an adequate response here. How you handle the matter could have an impact not only on an overpayment, but on future benefits and, if SSA suspects fraud, from a criminal persepective as well.

You need to meet with an attorney in your area who handles SS claims for an initial consultation and decide what risks are involved and what options you have.

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I would contact a SS attorney sooner rather than later. Best of luck to you.

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Talk to a SS attorney. Generally, personal injury settlements are not subject to tax. But, if you are on disability, your benefits can be affected by receiving a settlement. Your PI attorney should have helped you with that. Contact him or her as well to see if they can help you.
Be careful what you say to the SS or IRS agents. Get an attorney to help you so you don't lose your benefits.


You should contact a local attorney practicing Social Secuirty Disability Law. In Pennsylvania, a personal injury award is NOT counted as income. I make the ALJ aware of any personal injury award as soon as possible. I agree with counsel who advised that you should contact an attorney as soon as possible.


If you are receiving SSI, you need to report all income; they will then decide how to classify it based on your input.

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