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I have a Notice of Presentation for court to present the attached Deposition and Final Decree of Divorce for entry.

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My Wife and her Lawyer is taking this to court and the Depositions that my wife and my son gave in the question that was ask are not true. I would like to know what I can do to get a trail or do I have a chance to ask the question this day when we go to court. Also my son said that he does not have to go and if I need to ask the question to him what do I need to do to get him there, he is in school that day and I need to make sure that he is there, They gave the Deposition on the 18th of December and I didn't make it that day. I have to work and I didn't get there on time. when I did get over there her lawyer said it is over and it going down as a non fault divorce. So how can I get the judge to let me ask question that day or do I need to file something at the courts but I don't know wha

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If you received notice that the matter is being presented to the court on a certain date at a certain time, you have the right to be in court at that time and tell the judge that you dispute what is being offered for entry. The judge can then decide if the matter should be heard and a trial may be scheduled. I caution you to be on time (early is even better), and to stay in the courtroom continuously until the case is called. For example, if your case is scheduled for 10:00 and the judge calls the case at 10:00 and you show up at 10:03, it is too late! The judge has already dealt with the case and you are out of luck.

I also suggest that you talk with an attorney in your area about your case and what will be happening. Even if you don't ultimately hire the attorney, a consultation can provide very valuable information.

Kristina Beavers, Attorney at Law is located in Yorktown, VA and can be contacted at 757-234-4650. The website at http:\\ may be able to provide additional information about your situation. I cannot give legal advice because there is no attorney-client relationship at this time. All I can provide is general legal information.