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I have a misdemeanor class A for resist arrest, can i req seal without lawyer?

Houston, TX |

The offense was last year in Kemah/Galveston Tx, and i took deferred adj under the impression it wouldnt be on my record, i completed def adj in March '09, then a few mos ago someone pulled my background and it was on there, I've been doing some research and found the Reuest for Non-Disclosure form online...i just changed the "Harris County" part to "Galveston County" and filled it out, I also printed out papers showing my offense doesnt fall under prohibited offenses that dont I have done all my research, have all my paper work ready, but the question is, CAN I DO THIS ON MY OWN WITHOUT A LAWYER?

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In the United States, a person can do pretty much anything in the legal system by representing themselves. In the legal word, this is known as pro se representation ("pro se" is Latin for "for oneself"). If you feel comfortable doing this procedure, then it's your right to go ahead and file it. Don't count on the judges or the State to give you any leeway because you are not an attorney. If they can oppose your motion or claim that you haven't properly noticed them, then they will. This can mean a lot of wasted time down at the courthouse that you might save by hiring an attorney to file this petition for you.

Ultimately, this decision is up to you. Good luck.