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I have a misdemeanor citationif i go are they taking me to jail? are they going to put me in probation

Nashville, TN |

i was at the park and a police found me having sex with my girlfriend after a few questions they search in my car and they find a littlebit of weed they gave me a misdemeanor citation but the citation says that they are charching me(offense) just for the drug

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It sounds like you have been charged with simple possession, a class A misdemeanor. You need to be sure to appear for your first court date. I strongly suggest that you hire a criminal defense attorney. Depending on your record, you may or may not be facing jail.

Eric M. Larsen

Eric M. Larsen


I see that you are interested in a free consultation. Feel free to contact me at my office tomorrow. I do offer free consultations.


Also you have to go to booking and processing or you could be held in contempt, charged with failure to process, have your misd citations revoked, or other bad things. Do not miss any assigned dates. You will not be arrested at booking and processing.

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You will not go to jail. I hope it would be possible to avoid probation, too. The best outcome would be an informal resolution ... You perform some public service work and in return, the case is dismissed.


A misdemeanor citation is an arrest - the only difference is that instead of taking you to jail and making you post bond that night, you are given a time to come "turn yourself in" to be booked (fingerprinted, mugshot, etc.). I am a former metro Nashville police sergeant and appear often in this citation docket defending the accused. In Nashville, the defendant is usually given a time period within which he/she must appear at the citation processing area on the first floor of the Adolpho Burch Building. When the defendant appears, he will be fingerprinted and photographed, and then he will proceed immediately to courtroom 1A, where a district attorney will attempt to discuss the case with him. Anything said to the DA can be used against the defendant. The arresting officer generally does not appear at this first court date, so it is a great opportunity to resolve the case. Make no mistake - you should retain a lawyer before your citation booking date to protect you through this process. Depending on your criminal history, there may be options that could possibly keep a permanent drug conviction off your record. Contact an attorney today.

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