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I have a meeting with my employer and he will have another "boss" at the meeting. Do I have a right to ask to have things taped

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I have a meeting and there will be two bosses there. Can, or should I, ask to have the meeting recorded so that it is not two to one?

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Can you please elaborate as to your reasoning of the need for the meeting to be recorded as well as the nature of the meeting? Is this meeting for possible advancement? Termination?

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You have the right to ask, but they have a right to say no. If they say no, then you have no right to tape the meeting and can face criminal penalties for taping the meeting.

You have a right to ask for written confirmation of the events that happen in the meeting (i.e.; terminaton, discipline, etc.) They have the right to say no.

One way to protect yourself in circumstances such as these is to send a follow-up letter confirming the events of the meeting. (i.e.; This will confirm that my employment was terminated because you allege that I....) and ask that "If I have misstated the circumstances of the meeting, please advise me, in writing, within 10 days of the date of this letter."

Will it help you? I don't know. But if you are so nervous that you want the meeting taped, you have to make that determination yourself.


If your employment is covered by a collective bargaining agreement or employment agreement then it should spell out if you have the right to have a representative present. You can ask to tape the meeting but your employer does not have to agree to allow you to tape the meeting, you may want to request to have an employee representative present. If you are not covered by a collective bargaining agreement or employment agreement which spells out meeting for discipline, which I am assuming is your concern, then you do not have the right to have an employee representative present, but your employer may still permit it. I would suggest that you ask to have representative present. If you are asked to sign a statement that you do not agree with then you can sign it and note that you are not in agreement with the facts as stated. Refusal to sign or meet can be grounds for termiantion. I believe more facts are necessary to properly assess your situation.

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