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I have a lawyer that will not answer my phone calls.what can i do or what should i do about this problem?

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it has been three years since this case has started. at first the lawyer was willing to answer all my questions,but know he will not answer any of my calls. i have told his secretary to have him call but he never does.

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This is unacceptable. You need to express your concerns in writing and demand a response from him. If he does not respond to you after that then you can write again to him stating that if you do not hear from him you are going to go the disciplinary board of attorneys in the state where you reside. If this does not get him to act, then you must go there and also retain new counsel to help you in this matter.

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Ask his secretary if you can send him an email with your questions and concerns and allow him a day or two to respond. A lawyer is required to communicate with his clients about any significant occurrences in their case. Many times I end up calling my clients on Saturday because I simply cannot find the time during the week to be at every hearing, deposition, trial, meeting, etc. and also prepare every order that judge's are waiting for, read deposition transcripts, prepare evidence for trials, review discovery materials.........for a busy attorney, the list goes on and on. If your case is in suit, it is possible that he is just waiting for it to be called for trial. You may also ask his secretary to make an appt to meet with him after hours, if necessary.

With the utmost respect to Mr. Fromm, his response above is a little harsh at this moment. Reporting an attorney to disciplinary counsel is like hitting him with a hammer and should only be done when you are certain that he has committed some sort of misconduct. In SC, once you file a report like this, you cannot withdraw it and the investigate process can often be overreaching and take up more of the lawyer's already burdened schedule.

Fortunately, here in SC we have a liaison at the SC Bar office who assists in these matters. She can be reached at (803) 799-6653. Ask for the lawyer/client liaison. She can contact you attorney's office. This normally results in a satisfactory response from your attorney very quickly.

Remember, your first concern is your legal matter. If everything is fine with it, you don't want to be faced with having to search for a new attorney to start with when you can resolve your communication problem in another manner.