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I have a L&I claim in washington there a settlement for injury?

Burlington, WA |

I slipped and fell on wet floor at work, 07/08 i did the splits and hit my head on the floor! i am being treated by a chiropractor,physical therapy,orthopedic dr. due to constant numbness is my right arm and right leg, i have had mri on the neck and lower back, xrays, nerve tests with little damage being visible. they think i have thorasic outlet (doesn't explain the leg)
they given me muscle relaxers,pain killers ,steroids,neurontin.with no results.this inteferes with anything i do my arm and leg always are numb and hurt at times. my claim is still open so L&I are paying for all treatments, but am i entitled to a settlement?

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While I do not practice in your area, you may be entitled to a settlement. Generally, you should obtain an attorney. There are workers compensation attorneys who will do very well for you.


Without knowing more details of your accident it is difficult to offer an adequate answer. I will say that in most cases when you are injured at work, you are limited to the benefits from L & I. It really depends on how and who created the wet floor. If your co-worker caused the wet floor, that person (in almost all cases) is immune and your only remedy is L&I. In your situation, the who, what, why, and how of your accident are important. For your next step, I would recommend either calling or meeting with an attorney who practices personal injury law.


You may get a more specific answer to your question if you post it under the "workers compensation" section of Avvo since your injury is primarily an "workers compensation" (L&I) issue. I believe whether L&I will give you a settlement for injury depends on the severity and permanence of your injury. I recommend that you consult with a workers compensation attorney about your case before settling anything though to be sure that you are getting what you are entitled to.

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