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I have a judgment for a payday loan company original was 500 the judgment is now 5,000 can this be reversed Multnomah circuit co

Portland, OR |

I like to get this lower or reversed or lowered

Judgment was July 26 ,2012

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You probably cannot get the number lowered through the court system. Your best bet is contacting the plaintiff (probably a collection agent) and offering a lump sum or payment plan. In some cases it helps to have a lawyer do the negotiating.

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The judgement (and the amount) is presumptively valid because it was entered by the court. Keep in mind, interest and collection costs can be added to the amount owed. The time to deal with this issue is was when you were sued. Best bet to resolve the issue now is to contact the plaintiffs lower and explore settlement.


Generally speaking, once you've been sued, served and judgment entered against you, it's too late to argue that the amounts are wrong. It's possible that there was a procedural defect that could allow you to strike the judgment. Speak with a consumer protection attorney.

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When was the judgment entered in the court against you?

Tim L Eblen