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I have a judgment against me (MD) & was served the "...Interrogatories in Aid of Enforcement...".

Baltimore, MD |

I have nothing of value, except my car. Can I sign the title over to my husband? This judgment does not involve him, not do we have any joint accounts/property. Thank you.

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Transferring your car at this point will be considered a fraudulent transaction that can be reversed by the court. Your car may be exempt from attachment. Talk to an attorney.


Transferring your car to another person to avoid paying a debt would be a fraudulent transfer. This would only slow down but not stop a creditor's efforts to execute a judgment, and may subject you to additional expenses and possible penalties.

There may be state exemptions that will protect your car from execution on the debt. You should consult with an attorney familiar with MD state debtor/creditor law to assess your responses to the interrogatories as well as the exposure you face relative to collection efforts such as garnishment of bank accounts and/or wages, sheriff's sale of personal property, liens against other property, etc.

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