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I have a judgement against an LLC. I named both the company and owner. The LLC has filed bankruptcy. Is the owner still liable.

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When I filed in Pa. I named the owner and the LLC. A judgement was awarded to me. Two seperate documents where sent to me one naming the company finding in my favor and one naming the owner finding in my favor. Now the LLC has filed bankruptcy. Is the owner still on the hook for the judgement?

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Yes, unless he has filed an individual bankruptcy.

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Generally speaking, if there is nothing done on the part of the individual to undermine the judgment, the judgment should be still binding against him/her. However, you should understand that while a bankruptcy in the name of hte company should only run to the company, bankrupcty can cutoff active lawsuits and judgments. Hence, you should act quickly to enforce the jugment against the owner, before he/she seeks bankruptcy.

I hope this helps and good luck with your venture.

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Based on the information in your question, it sounds like you have a judgment against the individual who owns the company, for which he would still be liable, even if the LLC files for bankruptcy. That said, you should make sure that the individual hasn't filed bankruptcy too.