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I have a job offer in another state, and my spouse has to quit their job... Is the spouse eligible for unemployment from OR?

Sherwood, OR |

Moving from Oregon to Idaho

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In order to quit (leave a job) and qualify for unemployment benefits in Oregon, the applicant must be able to show they left work with good cause. Good cause for voluntarily leaving work is defined as such that a reasonable and prudent person of normal sensitivity, exercising ordinary common sense, would leave work. The reason one leaves work must be of such gravity that the individual has no reasonable alternative but to leave work.

The rules also specifically state that leaving work with good cause includes leaving work due to compelling family reasons.

The key to the question is whether your moving is a compelling family reason for your wife to quit her job and move with you, and whether there are any reasonable alternatives to your wife quitting her job and moving with you.

The inquiry is going to be very fact-specific, and there are going to be additional facts that are relevant. For example, can you and your wife afford to live apart while she looks for work in Idaho? Do you have children? Is your wife likely to find work quickly in Idaho? Has your wife applied for work in Idaho? Have you been out of work for a while in Oregon and need to jump at the opportunity to take the job in Idaho?

There is no guarantee that unemployment benefits would be granted, but I would say there is an argument that could be made in favor of granting benefits.

DISCLAIMER: The above-offered information does not create an attorney-client privilege, and should be considered general information.

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